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Louis Widmer Remederm Silver Cream Repair non-scented 75 ml

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  • The Louis Widmer Remederm Silver Cream Repair is specially developed for extremely dry, irritated and reddened skin areasExtremely dry and irritated skin no longer has an optimal self-protection function. This leads to increased itching and minor inflammation. The Remederm Silver Cream Repair relieves irritation, restores the skin's barrier function, normalizes the keratinization and prevents skin-damaging germs from spreading. 

    • Care for dry and irritated skin areas
    • relieves irritation
    • works against redness and normalizes skin irritations
    • urea provides intensive moisturizing of the skin
    • suitable for both adults and children
    • perfume-free
    • Suitable for diabetics and vegan lifestyle

    These active ingredients care for the dry and irritated skin
    Vitamin A normalizes cornification
    Vitamin E neutralizes harmful free radicals
    Panthenol soothes irritated skin
    Carbamide has a moisturizing effect
    Borage oil is rich in gamma linolenic acid, which relieves skin irritation and normalizes flaking. 

    The W / O emulsion is optimally compatible. It does not contain any perfume or dyes.

  • Apply to the affected skin areas once or twice a day.

  • 2-phenoxyethanol  alpha-tocopherol acetate borage seed oil, refined candelilla caprylic / capric acid triglyceride , dioctyl dioctyl succinate sulfonic acid DL-alpha-tocopherol Ethylhexyl stearate Ethylhexylglycerin glycerol urea isopropyl isostearate jojoba wax, liquid collagen amino acids, magnesium stearate, magnesium sulfate, dried Mica lactic acid sodium chloride Panthenol paraffins, microcrystalline Polyglyceryl 3 ricinoleate propylene glycol retinol palmitate silver silver chloride silver oxide, Sorbitan isostearate  sorbitol titanium dioxide water, purified