Vismed Light 眼 Drops with 透明質酸ic Acid 15 ml

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  • The dry eye ("keratoconjunctivitis sicca") is a disorder of the tear film and the surface of the eye. Common complaints are dry, red and irritated eyes as well as increased tearing and unpleasant itching or burning eyes, which interfere with everyday life. Causes are, for example, dry heating air, air conditioning, drafts, smoking or long work on the screen. Because the number of patients suffering from dry eyes is increasing worldwide, it is assumed that environmental factors such as ozone or fine dust also contribute to the disease.

    High-quality medical tear substitutes have proven effective for the treatment of dry eyes. The use of Vismed Light Eye Drops with Hyaluronic Acid 15 ml is recommended for tired, irritated or stressed eyes. It supplements the unstable tear film and thus alleviates the unpleasant symptoms. The bottle, which is particularly easy to squeeze, is easy to use. VISMED® LIGHT can also be used while wearing soft or hard contact lenses.

    With 0.1% hyaluronic acid
    Hyaluronic acid is an endogenous substance that is contained in the tear film and can store moisture and transport nutrients.

    With their special physical and chemical properties, hyaluronic acid solutions are similar to natural tear fluid. They are therefore very popular in ophthalmology to treat dry eye. In VISMED® LIGHT, hyaluronic acid is present in a concentration of 0.1%.

    The risk of dry eyes increases with age as less and less tear fluid is produced. At the same time, blinking becomes less frequent, which also promotes drying out of the surface of the eye.

    Climatic factors
    External factors such as dust, smoke, wind, dry heat or cold as well as air-conditioned room air can disrupt the composition and amount of tear fluid and cause discomfort.

    Screen activities
    When reading on the monitor, the frequency of blinking is significantly reduced. As a result, more tear fluid evaporates, so that disturbances in the tear film and the unpleasant symptoms can arise.

  • Unscrew the cap and hold the opening of the bottle over the eye to be treated: VISMED® LIGHT can be easily removed from the bottle with just a little finger pressure. Unless otherwise recommended by your ophthalmologist, add 1–2 drops of VISMED® LIGHT to the conjunctival sac as required. Do not bring the dropper tip into contact with the eye or touch it with your fingers. The blink of an eye spreads the solution and forms a transparent and durable layer of liquid on the surface of the eye.