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Stozzon Chlorophyll Coated Tablets 100 pcs

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  • Prevent bad breath and body smell from happening! can prevent unpleasant odors even before they arise. 

    Stozzon chlorophyll tablets can prevent unpleasant odors even before they arise. stozzon chlorophyll dragées are based on the particularly effective compound chlorophyllin copper. 

    Chlorophyll can reduce the activity of certain protein-cleaving enzymes and thus inhibit the formation of malodors.

  • Take 1-3 times daily with enough liquid (do not suck!), Preferably with meals. The duration of application is not limited in principle, however, please note the information under application areas.

  • 20 mg chlorophyllin copper complex, sodium salt

    Magnesium stearate
    Castor oil, refined
    quinoline yellow
    Silica, fumed
    cellulose powder
    peppermint oil
    Lactose-1 water
    Macrogol 6000
    Titanium dioxide
    Arabic gum, spray dried
    Indigo carmine
    calcium carbonate