Orthomol Veg One - Supplement for Vegans 30 days

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  • Orthomol Veg One - Supplement for Vegans. Support for a vegan or vegetarian nutrition.

    Orthomol Veg one is a food supplement that provides support for a vegan or vegetarian nutrition. It contains vitamin D3 from lichen and omega-3 fatty acids from algae. 

    The Orthomol Veg one soft capsule, which is free of gelatin, does not contain any raw materials of animal origin. The materials used for coating include maize starch and carrageenan.

    Orthomol Veg one is certified by the European Vegetarian Union. The V label from this organisation guarantees that neither the product nor the manufacturing process includes any components of animal origin.

    Important micronutrients which provide support for vegans or vegetarians.

    - Vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and iron - tiredness and fatigue
    - Zinc contributes to a normal carbohydrate metabolism, the normal metabolism of fatty acids and to normal protein synthesis.
    - Vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 contribute to a normal homocysteine metabolism.

  • Take one capsule daily, preferably with plenty of fluid at or after a meal.