Miradent Tongue Cleaner - Blue 1 pcs

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  • Miradent Tongue Cleaner - Blue is a tongue cleaner       

    • Gently removes plaque on the tongue      
    • Effective thanks to the short bristle field and concave scraper
    • Extra flat and rounded shape

    90% of bad breath originates in the mouth. Problems in the stomach or other organs are rarely responsible. Studies * show that bacterial coatings on the tongue are particularly common and lead to intense bad breath. They disturb the sensitive bacterial balance in the oral cavity, promote plaque and can disturb the sense of taste. For hygienic and practical reasons (bristles that are too long, gagging, etc.), the toothbrush is not recommended for removing tongue coatings. 

    The miradent tongue cleaner with the finger-shaped handle is particularly effective thanks to its extremely short bristle field. The round bracket and the bristle field jointly lift off the coverings and remove them. The round bar also reduces the gag reflex.

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