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Kneipp Bath Crystals Muscle Active 60 g

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  • KNEIPP Bath Crystals Muscle Active Juniper
    Warms and relaxes the muscles

    Kneipp® muscle crystals muscle active contain valuable essential rosemary, wintergreen and juniper oil. They give you a special bathing experience, stimulate the skin's blood circulation and relax the muscles.The naturally pure thermal brine salt of Kneipp® bath crystals is extracted from pure natural brine in Europe's only remaining ladle factory, the Saline Luisenhall. This accumulates at a depth of 460 meters from the salt deposits of a 250 million year old prehistoric sea. The naturally pure brine is free from chemical additives and environmental influences.
    Trace elements and mineral salts fulfill important functions in metabolism and are therefore essential for the human organism. The thermal brine salt of Kneipp® bath crystals contains the natural trace elements of the thermal brine. Due to its special crystal structure, it also easily dissolves in water.      - beneficial for loosening the muscles after physical exertion
    - with naturally pure thermal brine salt
    - easily soluble crystals
    - whirlpool suitable *

  • Instructions for use:
    Put the bath crystals in the bath water, which is approx. 36 - 38 ° C warm.
    For optimal bathing pleasure, bathe for 10-20 minutes.
    Sufficient for 1 full bath.

    Bath salt 60 g

  • * Please completely dissolve the bath crystals before activating the whirlpool. Depending on the construction and dosage, foam formation is possible; if in doubt, ask your whirlpool manufacturer.