Doppelherz 德國雙心 System OrthoPro Immune Drinking Granulate 30 sachets

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  • Doppelherz System OrthoPro Immune Drinking Granulate contains 21 micronutrients such as vitamins, trace elements, lutein, bioflavonoids and inulin. A healthy immune system is the basic requirement for our health. With increased stress or in the winter months, the need for nutrients can increase. The drinking granules dissolved in water have a fruity orange taste

    • Drinking granules with 21 micronutrients
    • Vitamin C, D, selenium and zinc for the normal function of the immune system
    • Iron, biotin, iodine, copper, manganese, niacin, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, vitamin C for normal energy metabolism

    The dietary supplement also contains the carotenoid lutein and bioflavonoids from citrus fruits as well as inulin. High levels of lutein can be found in dark leafy vegetables e.g. B. spinach or kale. Bioflavonoids , also known as flavonoids, are secondary plant substances that occur mainly in the peel of citrus fruits and contribute to the color, smell and taste of the fruit. Inulin is a fiber that is mainly found in Jerusalem artichokes, chicory and parsnips.

  • Dissolve the contents of a sachet in 1 glass of water (approx. 150 ml) and drink once a day.

  • ingredients quantity
    Vitamin A 450 µg RE
    Vitamin D 15 µg
    Vitamin E. 36 mg alpha-TE
    Vitamin K 60 µg
    vitamin C 1000 mg
    Vitamin B1 3.1 mg
    Vitamin B2 3.6 mg
    niacin 35 mg NE
    Vitamin B6 3.6 mg
    Folic acid 450 µg
    Vitamin B12 6 µg
    Biotin 150 µg
    Pantothenic acid 18 mg
    iron 2.2 mg
    zinc 15 mg
    iodine 102 µg
    copper 500 µg
    manganese 0.5 mg
    chrome 30 µg
    molybdenum 50 µg
    selenium 50 µg
    Inulin 2 g
    Citrus bioflavonoids 20 mg
    Lutein 800 µg