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BitterKraft Vital Powder 100 g

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  • BitterKraft Vital Powder with bitter herbal power

    BitterKraft contains Vital, the plant-based, balanced food. According to Hildegard, bitter substances are luxury foods and an example of the rich diversity of nature.

    Hildegard's rules of life could well have been taken from a contemporary work. It demands the "educated use" of air and light, also mentions the "power of enjoyment" and calls for a holistic diet without addiction and excess.

    Enjoyment with a clear conscience
    Hildegard has highlighted the special properties of bitter plants. Only a balanced and holistic diet that also contains bitter foods is the basis for a good life.

    Rich in tradition and alcohol-free
    The ingredients were not simply squeezed or ground, but released in liquid form over many months and then gently dried.

    Before you eat
    This unique combination of tried and tested herbs gives BitterKraft! ®Vital its incomparably authentic and pleasant taste.

    Put the tip of a knife on the tongue before eating, drink a sip of water if necessary. Or dissolve in water or juice.

    Good coverage  
    Sufficient for 14 weeks and longer

  • 1 tip to 1/4 teaspoon before eating. Possibly dissolve in water or juice.

    Should the powder clump and solidify due to long storage, this is not a quality disadvantage! Simply loosen up with the hand blender or leave it as it is and put a crumb on the tongue before eating.

  • dry extract from angelica root, gentian root, bloodroot, cinnamon bark, milk thistle fruits, turmeric, cardamom seeds, maltodextrin (corn starch).

    Nutritional information per 100 g per 0.5 g
    (daily amount)
    energy 1399 kJ / 330 kcal 7 kJ / 1.7 kcal
    fat 0.20 g

    0.001 g

    - hereof: saturated fatty acids 0.17 g 0.00 g
    carbohydrates 76.5 g 0.38 g
    - of which sugars 13.0 g 0.07 g
    protein 3.2 g 0.02 g
    salt 0.06 g

    0.00 g