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Denkmit Disinfection Wipes 1 pack x 40 papers

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  • • Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria
    • Eliminates 90% of allergens
    • Vegan

    Ideal for household, sanitary area, doorknobs, telephone
    Areas in contact with food, e.g. cutting boards
    Skin compatibility dermatologically approved

    The Hygiene Cleaning Wipes from Denkmit clean and disinfect all washable surfaces and objects particularly quickly and reliably. They are practical to use and have a pleasantly fresh scent - for simple and hygienic cleanliness. The wipes eliminate 99.9% of the bacteria and are also effective against special viruses (influenza A, H1N1). They also eliminate 90% of allergens (grass pollen, house dust mites, dog allergens, cat allergens).

  • For hygienic. Ideal for household, sanitary area, doorknobs, telephone. Areas in contact with food, e.g. cutting boards

  • Enthält Duftstoffe | Desinfektionsmittel (ETHANOL | PROPAN-2-OL | BENZALKONIUM CHLORIDE). 100 g Tränklösung enthalten: 7,68 g Ethanol (CAS 64-17-5) |1 g Propan---ol (CAS 67-63-0) | 0,249 g Benzalkonium Chloride (CAS 68424-85-1)