Rausch Seaweed Scalp Pack 100 ml

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  • Rausch Seaweed Scalp Pack for Greasy hair

    Detoxifies, soothes and refreshes the greasy scalp. Alleviates redness and itchiness. Mildly antiseptic. With a natural active complex of green clay, lava clay and colloidal silt and extracts of seaweed, sage as well as algae.

    This product was formerly known as Therapeutic Soil Scalp Pack.

    · No parabens
    · prevents the rapid recurrence of greasiness while still moisturizing
    · relieves redness and itching. Soothes and regulates irritated scalps
    · shampoo and conditioner give hair freshness and volume

  • Apply in lines to wet scalp. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm, not too hot water.