PHYTO Huile Dales Intense Hydrating Oil Treatment 5x10 ml

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  • PHYTO Huile D'ales Intense Hydrating Oil Treatment is one of the best sellers from PHYTO. This must-have gives dry hair new vitality

    PHYTO Huile D'ales Intense Hydrating Oil Treatment is a unique blend of essential oils that hydrates, softens and restores radiance to dry hair

    • Penetrates deeply to hydrate and soften
    • Infuses and restores radiance to dull, color-treated or highlighted hair
    • Protects hair and scalp from dryness and irritation during a color process
    • Works with all hair types, even the finest hair

    Thanks to its unique water-soluble formula, the oil treatment can even be added to color formula to protect haior and scapl during colouring and highlight process. Ideal before any colouring, bleaching or permanent wave. It can also be massage onto the scalp to protect against irritation. 

    Active ingredients include:

    Castore Oil: Hydrates, softens, restores hydrolipidic film
    Essential Oils of Sage, Lemon, Rosemary, Juniper Berries: Rejuvenates the hair shaft

  • 1. Apply on dry hair, prior to shampoo. 
    2. Break open the ampoule with the provided opener and pour the contents into the spray bottle.
    3. Spray on strand by stand.
    4. Leave to take effect for 15 to 30 minutes.
    5. Rinse thoroughly and then shampoo

    After washing your hair, use a moisturizing treatment to give your hair even more suppleness.