Rausch Ginseng Caffeine Intensive Fluid 30 ml

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  • Discover Rausch Ginseng Caffeine Intensive Fluid for hair loss. The product is based on a specific combination of assorted herbs and active ingredients which stimulate hair growth.

    • Reduces the amount of hairs lost daily

    • Reduces the amount of hairs lost daily
    • Boosts the circulation in the scalp
    • Proven to increase hair density
    • 100% proven effectiveness
    • Particularly skin-friendly

    This skin-friendly Rausch Ginseng Caffeine Intensive Fluid boosts the circulation in the scalp effectively counteracting hair loss. It activates and strengthens the hair and comes with premium quality extracts of ginseng, nettle, basil and stimulating caffeine. These penetrate into the hair root and extend the life phase of the hair. Caffeine boosts the circulation in the scalp improving the nutrient supply to the hair root. It promotes hair growth in cases of diffuse hair loss. The ideal combination of herbal and plant extracts improves the hair structure making it stronger and more substantial.

    If you suffer from hair loss, the right anti hair loss products with activating and natural ingredients are essential. The Rausch fluid contains ginseng which is such a natural ingredient. Scientific studies show the positive effects of ginseng on hair. It stimulates cell growth and collagen formation and promotes hair growth. Specifically, it can improve the blood circulation in the scalp, to supply the hair roots ideally with nutrients and sustainably strengthen the scalp. This is of particular importance because only a healthy and well-nourished hair root guarantees strong and full hair right down to the tips and can aid to reduce hair loss. In combination with caffeine, ginseng has an even more intense effect. Caffeine increases the blood flow to the scalp and has a extending effect on the blood vessels. This enables the hair roots to absorb the nutrients even better.

  • Apply two pumps to the affected areas daily. Without rubbing, gently massage into the dry or damp scalp to stimulate it. Style as usual. Do not rinse.