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Eveline Cosmetics Royal Snail Intensely Revitalizing Anti-Age 面膜 2x6 ml

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  • Eveline Cosmetics Royal Snail Intensely Revitalizing Anti-Age Mask regenerates and stimulates cells to regenerate faster. Thanks to the combination of filtered snail slime and Matrixyl Morphomix® peptide, it fills fine lines and wrinkles, firm the skin
    Avocado oil prevents the skin from drying out and makes it supple. PEP-7REPAIR ™ heptapeptide in turn strengthens and rebuilds the structure of the epidermis. 

     Increases the firmness, elasticity and density of the facial skin.
    • Effective in preventing dryness of the skin and restoring its smoothness.
    •Visible strengthening of the epidermal structure.
    Effectively smoothes and reduces wrinkles.

  • Apply to cleansed facial skin with fingertips. Leave for 10 minutes.
    Wash off the remaining residue or massaged into the skin for a richer effect. 
    est to use 1-2 times a week.