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Eveline Cosmetics Royal Caviar Therapy Nourishing 精華 Day & Night 18 ml

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  • Eveline Cosmetics Royal Caviar Therapy Nourishing Serum Day & Night is an intensive multi-nutritive day and night serum ampoule provides deep repair of cellular damage.

     • 3-step process of intensive regeneration
     • The advanced NEO-DNA complex ™ stimulates the process of new skin cell formation, repairs DNA damage and restores the skin's natural repair abilities.

    Thanks to the 24-carat colloidal gold content, the serum reduces wrinkles and restores the correct skin density, acting like lifting threads. Moisturising hyaluronic acid combined with discolouring niacynamide restores the natural hydrolipidic barrier and gives the skin a healthy tone and radiant appearance.

    Stimulates the skin to produce thioredoxin, the protein involved in protecting cells from oxidative stress and harmful UV rays, which prolongs cell life. This reinforces internal defence and repair mechanisms, while reactivating intensive regeneration at the cellular level.

  • The serum can be used in 2 ways:

    1. apply a few drops to cleansed skin on the face, neck and décolleté, then massage gently.

    2. add a few drops to the night cream and then massage gently.